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Do you have questions before we start helping you raise your credit score? No problem—we do offer consultations. Just give us a call.

Personalized Strategy

Every customer's situation is different. We build a customized credit strategy to help your reach your goals within the maximum time.

Our Promise

Our top priority is to assist you with increasing your credit score and rebuilding your credit. Our team is here to help you with any questions.


Results does varies however most clients see results within the first 90 days.

Credit Repair Program to Rebuild Your Credit

Do you have bad credit or no credit at all?

Are you tired of being harassed by collection agencies?

Are you ready to purchase your first home or buy a new car but bad credit it stopping you?

Well look no further, THE CREDIT GAL is here to assist you in stepping away from bad debt and into GOOD CREDIT. The Credit Gal provides outstanding services in credit repair, removing inaccurate and negative accounts from your credit report while increasing and maintaining good standing lines of credit. She provides financial freedom to clients while using different strategies to increase their credit score.

The Credit Gal understands that every client and report is different but with experience and determination she is prepared to tackle every account while insurring good results. Fixing CREDIT is a process and unfortunately timing can not be determined, however Clients has seen results in as little as 30-45 days.

The credit industry can be a battlefield for those suffering from negative and derogatory credit scores. Many individuals have the disadvantage of higher interest rates and  credit denials. We are here to help direct you to better credit living by engaging in a number of innovative financial avenues to improve your credit score. We work with credit bureaus to challenge questionable account history and reports to give you the upper hand in regaining financial freedom. Our services include educational information and resources to further aide in your credit recovery process. You don’t have to battle the credit industry alone. With our expert experience, we fight all the hard battles for you using our groundbreaking credit programs.

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